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Stormwater Services

POLY has designed numerous stormwater improvement projects over the past 50+ years to include stormwater basin studies, hydrologic and hydraulic models, CLOMR & LOMR regulatory modeling, long range development plans and studies, design of overall basin improvements and design of site specific improvements. In addition, POLY has provided permitting assistance, project inspection, and construction administration on all types of these projects. Assistance with grant/loan funding acquisition is also provided during the preliminary and planning phases of the project, if necessary.

Stormwater services include:

  • Retention/Detention Pond Design
  • Underground Detention Design
  • Culvert/Closed Pipe Design
  • Open Channel Design
  • Dam Design
  • Site Development Design
  • Storm Water Basin Evaluation/Studies
  • FEMA Regulatory Modeling (CLOMR & LOMR)