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From the Chairman

Poly is a company that has provided a broad array of professional services to a wide range of clients for over 50 years.  Many of those clients represent relationships that have been on-going for many of those years.  The primary reason for those long term relationships – our company prides itself in providing quality service by valuing relationships and partnering with our clients.  In fact, our business is relationship driven.  Our vision and our success starts with our Board members who are committed to fostering a company environment where planning and delivering successful projects from inception to closeout is the rule.  All of our employees share that same philosophy and strive to do their part to make Poly and our clients the best they can be.  At Poly, we understand and value relationships from the inside out because we are only as good as the people we employ.  We continue to expand our client base and the services offered but pledge to do so without jeopardizing our personal touch.  We will remain one company with many solutions.  Our company leadership is changing as our senior partners have begun and continue to move forward toward retirement.  The transition has been and will continue to be slow and deliberate.  We are looking ahead to the future but not forgetting the reasons for the success we enjoy today.  The transition includes a slightly revised corporate name and new logo.  Our new logo contains a cube, a three dimensional square, and is a symbol of stability and truth as it looks the same from any perspective.  As such, we look forward to continuing, strengthening and building upon our current relationships and making new ones.

Glenn Morgan, P.E.
Chairman of the Board