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Park Architecture Firm Florida

The American Society of Landscape Architects announced new large-scale land architecture projects in the United States. These include the remote art exhibition center in Montana and a park along Brooklyn Waterfront. The ASLA also awarded the 2018 Professional Awards to the country’s best architectural firms. 

Earning a spot as one of the most highly revered park architects in the country requires that you meet the following award-winning categories:

  • Design
  • Communications
  • Planning and analysis
  • Research

The best portfolio will place you in top tier projects because people can trust your craft. Clients looking to sign a contract with an architectural firm should fine-tune the hiring process to their specific requirements. A well-developed concept of design will determine the scope of the work and the most preferred architectural firm

How to choose a park architecture firm in Florida

Enquire about the license and building codes

The right firm should have a local Florida license that allows them to work on a particular project. Professional credentials are critical in ensuring that the project will not stop before completion because of violating the constructional regulations. 

The United States has federal building codes that each architecture should meet while designing a park. These standards may undergo revisions; hence, one should ensure that the architect understands each facet of the building project before commencement. 


Most firms will not hesitate to give you pictures of past projects. It is common for the firms to display galleries of each project on their page, with the intent of providing proof to prospective clients. Poly’s former architecture includes designs by LEEDS and Energy Star. 

The best solution would be visiting a new or ongoing site. There is no way you will miss the wrong details of a job when you can witness the complete version. The architect will point out unique features and acquaint you with their construction process. 

Learn the contractors of the job

You need an architect to supervise the project correctly. A good working relationship with an experienced professional will allow you to layout your desires as the job progresses. You must contact a park architecture firm in Florida that will acquaint you with the workers before starting the project. 

Another possibility is that the person you meet to discuss the details of the project may not be the same one who shows up on site. This setup could be a regular working standard. It, however, does not mean that you should accept it. The contractor on site should know the perspective of the job from your personalized explanation. 

Ask the professional about their work in the geographical area. You may be familiar with a few parks or other landscapes that will encourage you to agree to their recruitment. 

Learn the project’s timeline

A building project that takes six months or a couple of years to pick off from the ground will demand plenty of commitment and a possible increase in budget. The firm should have enough knowledge to know how long the project will take with the provision of all materials and professionals.