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Main Island Water Tank

Okaloosa County Water and Sewer System
Okaloosa County, FL

Appreciation of Florida’s Emerald Coast reached new heights when a 500,000-gallon pedestal water tank on Okaloosa Island was refurbished with a mural representing the area’s Appalachian quartz sand beaches and featuring an advanced fluoropolymer coating system.  The mural, depicting a coastal beach scene along Florida’s Emerald Coast, is intended to promote the area’s tourism industry.

The recoating of the tank, originally designed by Poly, Inc. and constructed in 1992, was a mutually beneficial agreement between the Okaloosa County Tourist Development Department, which paid for the mural, and the Okaloosa County Water & Sewer System, which received a new corrosion resistant coating system for the tank at no cost to ratepayers.

The tank’s exterior coating system was applied by Ohio-based American Suncraft Construction Company and mural artist, Eric Henn, with engineering services provided by Poly, Inc., of Shalimar, Florida. Poly, Inc. and American Suncraft also teamed up for two other Emerald Coast projects involving 200,000-gallon towers depicting other variations of the Emerald Coast logo in the same painting project.

The tank’s exterior steel was prepared and primed with a modified polyamidoamine epoxy for marginally prepared steel and tightly adhering old coatings. An aliphatic acrylic polyurethane was the intermediate coat, followed by a finish coat of an advanced fluoropolymer that offers outstanding resistance to ultraviolet light for long-term gloss and color retention. The project did not require replacement of the existing coating system on the tank’s interior, which was in sound condition.

Fourteen different colors ranging from white to different shades of blues and greens were utilized for the lettering and the mural. The colorful mural was painted freehand using brushes and rollers. Due to the complexity of the mural and the necessity of painting from a 140 lift, the project was completed without the use of containment, despite the tank’s location immediately adjacent to a busy boat dealership and marina on Okaloosa Island.

Nearly 150 gallons of the exterior coatings were required to complete the project, which was voted Tnemec’s 2012 Tank of the Year based on its aesthetic, creative and innovative uses of a coating system. The project was selected from more than 200 tanks that were nominated for the contest.